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Welcome To Your New Portal

Jan 22nd

We've been working over the past few weeks, to bring some upgrades to Kinetic Hosting as we start to grow what we offer.Our shiny new client panel should allow you to find what you're looking for with ease. No more diving into a load of menus just to open a ticket of pay for your server!Like with everything at Kinetic Hosting, we welcome all ... Read More »

Kinetic Hosting! New Site!

Jan 21st

Hello all!Kinetic Hosting now has an all-new site... Well, I say new, I should be saying, now has a site. For a long time, Kinetic Hosting has been sitting on the Kinetic Network site. Even with it sitting in its little corner, we still got loads of amazing clients. So thank you for trusting us with your server! You can find our new site ... Read More »

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