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Forge 1.17 Now Supported!

1.17 forge is now supported on all our systems. To run 1.17 Forge your server might need its startup settings changed, if this is the case, please contact support. We're working on an automated system where it will detect the Forge version and then apply the correct startup settings. This isn't fully ready yet, as supporting the new forge was the ... Read More

28th Jul 2021

FiveM & RedM

Hello everyone! Over the past few months, we've spoken about plans to support FiveM and RedM hosting. In fact, we were just about to launch our FiveM packages. However, over the past few days its come to light that the FiveM developers had hidden what was basically malware in their project. This malware targeted set panels and systems, with the ... Read More

28th Jul 2021

Forge 1.17

Hello everyone! Some of you might have spotted Forge 1.17 is now out. Forge 1.17 comes with some big changes for servers. You can no longer just load Forge from a single Forge Jar, as it now uses modules. To load Forge on a server, you now need to run a script.  No Minecraft software has done this before, they've all been single jars. We also ... Read More

27th Jul 2021

Two-Factor Authentication Is Here... Yay security!

We've had 2fa on the game panel for a while now, and at last, it's now on the client panel as well. To activate it all you need to do is press your icon in the top right, then go to security settings. There follow the steps to activate. If you don't know what 2fa is, it allows you to set up an extra step to make sure people can't get into your ... Read More

26th Jun 2021
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