1.17 Support

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Hello everyone, With 1.17 comes a change to the Java version that Minecraft uses. Current versions of MInecraft use Java 8, 1.17 will be using Java 16. At the moment none of our systems currently support Java 16, so none of the Minecraft 1.17 pre-releases will load. We need to do some backend trickery to get Java 16 to boot on our systems and to make sure that Java 8 still loads when booting 1.16 and under. Our systems will fully support Java 16 by the time 1.17 drops on June 8th. However, if you want to play around with the pre-released versions before then, please open a ticket with our support team, and we'll manually load Java 16 onto your server for you. Thanks!

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