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We have a discord server!

We now have a fancy new Discord server!

Join here for support, and to have a chat with us: 

15th Feb 2021

Valheim Hosting

Have you been playing the new Viking survival game, Valheim, as much as we have? We now offer server hosting for Valheim servers: Pick up a new server for only $6, and get online in a matter of minutes. All our Valheim servers come with free backups to keep your world safe from any nasty world eating bugs. It ... Read More

15th Feb 2021

Dedicated IPs Are Here!

You can now pick up dedicated IP addresses for your servers! A dedicated IP will allow you to set up your own custom connection address without the need for an ugly port number at the end. Cool right? Dedicated IPs will only cost $5 a month, and can be found in the service tab under available add-ons, in the client portal. You can find out more ... Read More

9th Feb 2021

Preinstalls Are Here!

You can now select a modpack Preinstall at the checkout! We'll be growing the list of preinstall modpacks over time, for now, its only Kinetic modpacks supported. :smalldot: Coming Next! Next update will see the addition of Dedicated IPs

8th Feb 2021

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